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What are some remedies for a sore back?

I've got a sore back, what's the best things I can do to help it recover quickly so it no longer hurts?

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Here are some home remedies to help relieve a sore back and get you on the fast track to feeling better:

- Don't lay down for too long, try to get moving around. Lying down for an extended period not only fails to speed up relief of lower back pain but may make it even worse. Make an effort to get up and move around, slowly and gently, as soon as possible. Any more than three days of bed rest could weaken the muscles and make them more prone to strain.

- Ice it. Applying an ice pack to the painful area within 24 hours of an injury can help keep inflammation to a minimum and ease discomfort by decreasing the ability of nerves to send pain signals to the brain.

- Take a hot bath for 20 minutes or more. If more than 24 hours have passed since the injury occurred, ice will not help reduce pain or inflammation. After that first day, heat may help increase the elasticity of the muscles somewhat, so try soaking in a tub of hot water for 20 minutes or more.

- Invest in a new mattress. A soft, sagging mattress may contribute to the development of back problems or worsen an existing problem.

- Make sure you get sufficient sleep. It's best to lie on your side, with the knees flexed and a pillow between them. If you lie on your back, place a pillow under your knees.

- Get a massage.

- Use a cushion. Get a small cushion that can be fitted to provide the missing back support. Despite what your mother told you about sitting up straight, leaning back at an angle of about 110 degrees is ideal for the back. If you sit for long hours, get up and walk around periodically to increase blood flow and decrease stiffness.

- Swim. Many experts agree that swimming is the best aerobic exercise for a bad back.

- Lift with your knees bent.

- Carry objects close to your body. When picking up and carrying heavy objects, pull in your elbows and hold the object close to your body.

- Stay alert. Careless activity is the number-one cause of back injury, so beware if you have struggled with back pain in the past.

- Watch your weight.

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