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What does Noise Anxiety mean?

What does it mean if someone experiences Noise Anxiety?

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Noise anxiety is when someone is extremely sensitive to noise. This can actually cause a great deal of stress to someone who suffers from this anxiety issue. Often, this is very difficult to treat unless there is a skilled therapist present.

Noise anxiety is related to a variety of different conditions:

Phonophobia- fear of loud noises

Misophonia-intolerance to certain sounds. This can cause rage

Hyperacusis- over sensitivity to noises in a certain auditory range. This can cause stress also.

If someone already is suffering from depression or anxiety, they are more at risk for suffering from Noise Anxiety. Noise can actually make someone more anxious and or depressed. This can be very upsetting for the sufferer to have to deal with this on top of already having general depression and anxiety.

There are numerous noises that can bother someone with noise anxiety:

• Feeling a lack of control over noises

• Chewing

• TV and radios

• Appliances

• Pet grooming

• Voices

These noises can seem even louder with someone who has Noise Anxiety. This can be very frustrating for the sufferer. Sometimes the sufferer even thinks someone may be making noises on purpose to upset them. This can cause great tension.

Treatment for Noise Anxiety:

For this type of anxiety, treatment is pretty basic. The sufferer can put headphones on and listen to music they like and which they have control over. Or, there is therapy if there are any underlying anxiety disorders so the therapist can help that person cope. Also the therapist will help reduce the severe effects.

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