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What does it mean to have Multiple Personality Disorder?

Understanding People Who Have Multiple Personality Disorder?

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What is Multiple Personality Disorder?

• called as dissociated identity disorder
• A person who has this illness believes that he or she has more than one personality within oneself.
• rarely results to distinct personalities and criminal acts
• It is not schizophrenia.
• mental disorder
• used as an illness in most movies

Its Causes

• physical maltreatment
• sexual abuse
• childhood or constant trauma

Multiple personality disorder serves as a coping mechanism of most patients to the trauma that they have been dealing with ever since they were kids. They disassociate themselves from their own personalities for they want to forget that awful experience. They can act as anyone they want to be.


• headache
• panics all the time
• harms oneself
• uses drugs or alcohol to help oneself “heal” from the trauma
• often anxious
• develops other fears
• tends to kill oneself
• confused
• depressed
• The person is either anorexic or bulimic.
• The patient loses the concept of time.
• He or she acts in a different manner.
• The patient is unaware of what he or she is doing.
• If the person is still traumatized with a particular event, then he or she will continue to have multiple personalities.
• A patient can also manifest these symptoms if he or she is in a situation which reminds him or her of one’s childhood traumas.

How to Have this Condition Treated:

• talk, art or play therapy. These methods encourage the “personalities” to have a conversation among themselves for the patient to realize that they don’t really exist. He or she is expected to take therapy sessions for a long period of time.
• hypnosis
• Medicines are only recommended if the patient is suffering from schizophrenia or chronic depression as well
• a change of environment

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