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How Do You Know if You Have Symptoms of Hypochondria?

How Do You Know if a Person Has Hypochondria?

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What is Windburn?

• It is important for you to know that windburn is totally different from sunburn. Windburn is a skin condition resulting from too much exposure to cold outdoor air and it can easily fade away compared to sunburn.

Causes of Windburn

• being exposed to cold, frequent and strong winds for hours and hours

Effects of Windburn

• It can give you a swollen or reddish skin which feels burned or hot to touch.
• It makes the outermost layer of your skin completely chapped and dry.

How to Prevent Windburn

• Wear gloves, ski masks and other clothing items which will greatly protect your body from the cold winds.
• To protect the sensitive area around your eyes, you can wear UVB or UVA goggles or sunglasses. Make sure that they are made of high quality materials.
• Apply sunscreen lotion on your face to keep it away from sunburn too.

How to Treat Windburn

• To ease the effects of a windburn, apply a small amount of noni, chamomile or aloe vera into the affected area of your face. These material s would certainly cool down your skin.
• You can apply a skin lotion (mild) too.
• Use artificial tears or eye drops to ease the redness from your eyes.
• Stay away from a heater or bonfire.
• Never immediately take a hot shower.
• Hydrate your skin once again.
• Take pain relievers which must be prescribed by your doctor if you have an extreme windburn condition.

What if the symptoms of a windburn don’t fade away?

• If you find yourself in this situation, then there’s a possibility that you have a condition called Rosacea. This is a skin disorder that is usually mistaken as windburn.
• Thus, visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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