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How can I Reduce my Blood Sugar Levels?

What are some ways to lower blood sugar levels?

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People who have elevated blood sugar levels are more susceptible to other health issues such as blood clots, infection, diabetes, and slow recovery of open wounds. Thankfully however, if you take precautionary measures, lowering your blood sugar levels is possible and easy to do.

The easiest way to reduce your blood sugar levels is by maintaining your everyday health. This means having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. By keeping a balanced diet and maintaining your weight, you can help prevent infections and control your cholesterol.

In terms of exercise, this does not mean spending hours at the gym every morning. Instead, simple workouts can include walking your dog for 30 minutes or leaving your car at home and walking to buy groceries. When you have high blood sugar levels it is important to not over exert yourself. If you want to do more intense workouts, consult your doctor first.

What you eat is also equally as important. The best foods to help lower your blood sugar levels are low-glycemic foods. In other words, food that takes longer to digest. This is because high glycemic foods are digested too quickly and consequently over exerts the pancreas when creating insulin.

Food that takes longer to digest is generally high in fiber. Oats, nuts, certain fruits, and beans should be consumed more regularly as they are low in glycemic. Foods to avoid are starchy items such as rice, over process bread, and potatoes. It is also best to steer clear of fast food options because they are over saturated with sugar. When possible, you should always choose the healthiest option on a menu. Salads and seafood dishes is always a good choice.

It is recommended that a minimum of 8 glasses of water be ingested daily. This helps to rid the body of toxins, water weight, and lowers blood sugar levels. Ginseng is also a great aid and is suggested after meals.

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