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Why am I susceptible to Bruising?

Causes of Frequent Bruises? How come I'm susceptible to Bruising?

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Bruises are simply inevitable. They are bound to appear on parts of your body due to either an accident or natural phenomenon. They manifest due to broken blood vessels caused by reasons which will specifically be discussed below this paragraph. Bruises have red or purplish color because of the blood coming out from the damaged capillaries. These colors eventually disappear as the internal swelling stops and your bruises finally get healed.

Usual Causes of Bruises

• injuries caused by an accident
• playing an extremely physical game such basketball or volleyball
• forceful contact with a solid object like furniture or walls

Causes of Frequent Bruises

• von Willebrand disease – a genetic illness which results to improper blood clotting in the most unusual body parts. It occurs in 1% of the world’s population. One of the illness’ symptoms is extreme gums and nose bleeding.
• a disease in your blood or liver. This is a rare condition.
• inelastic or not so thick skin layer due to aging
• sensitive capillaries
• few body fat covering among a person’s legs and arms which will result to slightly bulkier bruises on them. This feature is common among kids and older individuals.

The Areas of Your Body Affected By Bruises

• skin
• organs and tissues get affected if the bruises are deeper. These bruises may not be visible but they are certainly painful for they undergo swelling too.

How to Get Them Cured

• Place a pack full of ice on top of your bruise to prevent it from bleeding profusely. You can even use frozen vegetables if you can’t find any ice in your refrigerator.
• Undergo desmopressin for you to treat your von Willebrand disease and prevent it from getting worse.
• Visit your physician for you to have your bruises checked for internal complications.

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