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Why Do Feet and Hands Swell?

What are the reasons that hands and feet swell?

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Actually, you need to be paranoid if you see your feet and hands swell a little bit. However, if your condition is due to one of the illnesses mentioned below, then you would have to be really concerned about the whole situation for an unattended swelling can definitely lead you to your own death.

Causes of Severe Feet and Hand Swelling

• a kidney disease
• liver disorder
• heart ailment

The causing factors of feet and hand swelling are not limited to the illnesses mentioned above. Thus, you certainly need to have a complete physical check up on a yearly or monthly basis for you to keep up your physical health.

Symptoms of Severe Feet and Hand Swelling

• nausea
• excessive weight
• difficulty in breathing

These symptoms indicate that the swelling of your body parts is caused by a serious illness. Thus, immediate action is needed to be done. You need to see your doctor as soon as you can and have the swelling thoroughly examined. You also need to undergo a full body check up.

Kinds of Feet and Hand Swelling

Idiopathic edema

• The type of swelling usually occurs in women but it’s not extremely crucial for the patient.
• It can manifest in men as well.


• retained sodium
• menstruation

Symptoms of Severe Idiopathic Edema

• pain
• itch
• stretching of the skin
• discomfort


• Eat less salty foods.
• Lie comfortably on your back for more than one hour.
• You can ask your physician for a dose of progesterone or ACE inhibitors.
• Consult your physician as well if the swelling in your body is due to an illness in one of your body organs.
• In cases of severe idiopathic edema, elastic stockings are needed to be done.

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