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How often can you donate blood?

Is the a certain limit to the amount of blood you can donate and how often it's allowed to donate blood?

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The exact rate of how often a donor can donate differs from country to country. For example, plasmapheresis donors in the United States are allowed to donate large volumes twice a week and could nominally give 83 liters (about 22 gallons) in a year, whereas the same donor in Japan may only donate every other week and could only donate about 16 liters (about 4 gallons) in a year.

Red blood cells are the limiting step for whole blood donations, and the frequency of donation varies widely. In Hong Kong it is from three to six months, in Australia it is twelve weeks, in Canada and the United States it is eight weeks and in the UK it is usually sixteen weeks but can be as little as twelve providing donation is not more frequently than three times per year.

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