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Why is my Tooth so sensitive to cold after having a filling?

I had my two teeth drilled and filled, to prevent further decay. They were done separately about a week apart. The tooth on my right side never bothered me or was sensitive, however, the tooth on my left side started getting really sensitive after about a week. My teeth have never been sensitive to cold drinks or food. Is it normal for your teeth to be sensitive after having a filling, or do I need to go back to my dentist? Did my dentist screw up the filling somehow, and now fluid is getting down into the root of my tooth? Help, I'm worried that my dentist made my tooth worse.

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Fillings may cause sensitivity, especially composite fillings, but other types, too. It may last one to two weeks, or a month if the cavity was deep.
If you are still hurting after a month, go back to your dentist.

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