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What are the reasons why smoking is so bad?

How come smoking cigarettes and tobacco is considered to be so bad?

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All about the Disadvantages of Smoking

• 1 out of 10 people die because of their smoking habits.
• As a smoker, your chances of dying are 26 times higher than a person who doesn’t smoke at all.
• Smoking can make you look older by adding more wrinkles on your mouth area and by giving you a complexion that looks like ash.
• It can give you yellow colored nails, teeth and a bad breath as well.
• This habit can even make you lose all of your teeth eventually.
• One stick can already give you a list of chemicals that are harmful for your body.
• These chemicals include formaldehyde: used to preserve dead people, butane: found in lighters, acetone: found in nail polish removers and naphthalene which drives away moths.
• Nicotine can make you grow addicted to cigarettes.
• Smoking can cause you to have coronary artery illness. It reduces the amount of good cholesterol inside your body, increases blood pressure and blood clotting leading insufficient oxygen to reach your heart.
• It can also cause you to acquire back pain, peptic ulcers, cataracts and a low fertility rate.
• It can also cause you to have stroke if you’re taking contraceptives at the same time.
• If you’re already carrying your child, then smoking can lead you to have an ectopic pregnancy, premature labor or even a miscarriage.
• On the other hand, being born to a mother who heavily smokes can cause you to die upon birth or have behavioral abnormalities as you grow up.
• Sticks can lead you to have emphysema and cancer
• Emphysema can cause you to have lung attacks similar to asthma, hyperventilation and shortness of breath.
• Cancer cells can develop in your kidneys, lungs, bladder, pancreas, mouth and esophagus if you don’t stop smoking.

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