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What are some different ways to teach?

What are the differences in teaching methods?

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All about Teaching Methods

• Direct instruction – This is the most common type of teaching method. In this method, students can expect lots of lecture from their teacher. A lot of instructors use this style alone in letting their students know what they have to learn because of its simplicity and versatility. It allows teachers to cover all the topics that they want in a limited amount of time.

However, experts say that this is not the best way for a teacher to get into the senses of their students. For example, if you’re a pre-elementary teacher, you can’t always conduct boring lectures to your little students. You would need to play or interact with them for them to absorb the things that you want them to learn. Direct instruction is also not suitable for an instructor who is teaching students from different levels.

• Inquiry-based learning – This is a type of teaching method that is quickly making its way in most learning institutions in the US. It’s a technique that can be applied in teaching any kind of subject since it’s based on scientific method. However, you have to know that this method involves thorough planning and that it would certainly drain all of your energy and most of your time. Thus, you have to make adjustments with your schedule if you decide to use this teaching method among your students. Nevertheless, all your hard work would surely pay off since this learning technique is truly an effective one.

In inquiry-based learning students are required to think critically and practice solving problems for them to arrive at the conclusion that you need. In this way, their minds would further be enhanced preparing them to take on more complicated problems over time.

• Cooperative learning – This is a teaching method that focuses on group work.

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