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How are a Trademark and Patent Attorney different?

What are the differences of a Trademark Attorney vs. a Patent Attorney different?

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How does a patent attorney differ from a trademark attorney? The difference lies in the kind of product the attorney represents. The trademark attorney as the name suggests assists clients in obtaining trademarks which is concern about getting logo or business exclusivity. The patent attorney is responsible in assisting the client register a patent for a concrete product.

A client seeks the help of a trademark attorney when he or she is looking to get a product name or logo. Slogans too are the concern of trademark attorneys. The trademark attorney makes a research and makes sure the product name or logo and slogan picked by the client is not yet registered by another person or business. Important documents and application forms are then filled out and filed with filing fees.

The trademark and patent attorney differ in the knowledge and information they have with regards to their responsibilities and obligations to their clients. The trademark attorney must know everything about trademark law as well as the regional laws, education and certification requirements. A patent attorney must also have knowledge about trademark but should be more knowledgeable in product patent law.

When it comes to ideas, products and inventions, patent attorneys are very much involved. When the product is developed by the client, the patent attorney then ensures that the product name is not yet used and registered by anybody else before registering it. Trademark attorney deals with the logo and the name while the patent attorney deals with the concrete goods or products developed by the client. As a matter of fact, these two can work together as a team as they register and patent the product respectively.

The paperwork these two attorneys do differ in such a way that the trademark attorney must fill out and complete the application with all the details about the product’s name, logo and slogan the client intends to have. The patent attorney on the other hand must double check if the application submitted includes blueprint designs of the product prototype for all these important matters to be included in the patent.

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