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How can I get Prepared for a Nursing Career?

How can I get myself ready for a Career in Nursing?

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Prepare yourself

If you consider to have a career in nursing, you can start with a thorough personality assessment. Nurses often interact with people having health problems. These are patients who are sick, worry about their health and are usually not well.

To succeed in a career in nursing, you should be patient, humble, have plenty of compassion and have good communication skills.

Required education and training

A nursing career must start with education. You need a high school or a General Education Development (GED) diploma if you want to start as a CAN or Certified Nursing Assistant. You may also need a certificate program of CNA which may be offered by community colleges, private companies and some medical facilities. CNA program students attend classes in order to learn the basic skills needed for a career in nursing and join hands-on trainings. They also take nutrition, anatomy and other subjects related to nursing.

To be a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN), you shall have an extensive preparation. As pre-requisites, you need a diploma of high school, GED or from a nursing program. To make yourself ready for a career in nursing or as an LPN for example, candidates usually are expected to finish a nursing program which lasts for a year. This preparation enables you to do tasks more than that of a CNA, yet less than that of an RN. You can utilize the knowledge and skills you gained from the LPN which can help you decide either to pursue an Registered Nursing program later.

If you wish to start your career in nursing as a registered nurse, you should obtain an associate’s (generally can be finished in two years) or bachelor’s (takes at least four years) nursing degree. There also are hospitals offering three-year nursing programs for those hoping to become RNs.

Albeit entering a certain nursing program is a personal choice, many consider it a good idea to go for a bachelor’s degree to begin a career in nursing since a lot of hospitals and employers partly offer pay based in the applicant’s educational level. Having a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing can be a good one to start with if you opt to pursue further education to specialize in nursing.

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