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How do I get a Stronger Resume Without Going Back to School?

How do I build up my Resume without having to go back to College?

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One day you realize that it has been a long time since you finished college or have had a job and it's high time that you look for a job. You start looking at your old resume and discover that it needed a total revision and the problem is you do not know how to revise it. Fret not because there are quick and legal shortcuts you can use to revise and improve your resume for the better. You do not have to go back to college to learn how to do it. Take a look at some shortcuts below you can use to revise your resume.

The first option is to take online courses or tests, and one good example is Brainbench. This online test provider offers top of the line certifications for only $49.95. It is recommended that you know the subject you are taking because the provider will not give you training or education, only tests.You can find more than 600 tests online and will get a hard-copy certificate if you pass the test.

A resume should look professional for it to be credible in the eyes of the prospect employer. Using resume templates which are downloadable for free through specialty software will help you achieve a professional look. An industry-specific resume can be downloaded from Microsoft Office website and from You can then modify it to match your style and probably highlight your strengths.

Lastly, media exposure can greatly help expose your resume. What you can do is write an article for a newspaper, be an expert writer for article libraries or volunteer to write for your alumni newsletter. If you have no talent in writing you can opt to make a seminar or lecture that you can present to some groups or clubs. Advertise your event by planning a press release. Make sure you have a copy ready in case needed or requested.

You want to build up yourself in your resume so it is best to include all your achievements, awards and recognitions you received, big and small. If you have volunteered in some community events, mention them in your resume. Remember to include your position and duties in every work you did. Include also the non paid work. This will make your resume even more appealing especially if the non paid work raised funds.

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