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What are the Differences Between the NSA, FBI and CIA?

What are the Respective Responsibilities of the NSA, FBI and CIA?

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In the United States, law is being enforced by the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation. Intelligence is handled by the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency while security is being implemented by the NSA or National Security Agency. They may have different roles in the society but they help hand in hand in solving crimes nationwide. They all have competent professionals as well and if you wish to be part of these agencies, then you better acquire a high level of education from respected schools.

Responsibilities of the FBI:

• arrests criminals who desire to destroy the peace and order in the country
• puts kidnappers, murderers etc into jails
• analyzes evidences from other law enforcement agencies if they don’t have the laboratories for such procedure
• provides assistance to local law enforcement units
• keeps domestic intelligence, most wanted documentation and federal watch lists
• gives criminal records to the CIA when needed
• manages domestic surveillance

Responsibilities of the CIA:

• handles and stops international terrorists plots
• works with other international intelligence departments
• scatters its agents worldwide for them to give helpful data back to the Virginia headquarters
• validates the information given by their agents
• performs immediate action if the country is about to be attacked by foreign terrorists

Responsibilities of the NSA:

• secures American intelligence information
• enter foreign information systems not to start a war but to ensure that all nations are safe from nuclear weapons
• processes government data
• works with the CSS or Central Security Service
• cooperates with the Armed Forces of the United States as well to safeguard military data
• develop computer systems in its Maryland headquarter
• performs access control, decryption and encryption of data being given to them
• keeps important computer intelligence by the government

All spy each other ,on free time the rest of the world. and never spy the israelys????

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