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What are the Basic Requirements of Priesthood?

What does it take for a person to become a Catholic Priest?

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The path to priesthood is a long one. Thus, it would be better for you to know beforehand the necessary requirements for someone to become a priest of the Catholic Church.

1.) He must not be married to anybody.

Former Episcopalian ministers are the only people who are exempted from this requirement for they were able to have spouses before they became Catholics. If you have a wife, then you can never become a priest. You can be a deacon to your church but this position will prohibit you from marrying another woman once your wife dies.

2.) He must undergo a complete background check.

Background checks are being conducted to candidates to know whether they’re sex maniacs or not. These procedures are done to lessen the number of reported child molestation cases inside the Church.

3.) He must enroll in a religious or secular college after high school.

This requirement is needed for the candidate to have the chance to mingle with actual priests and for him to serve the church better. Religious studies and liberal arts are the preferred degrees for a future priest’s college education. Writing and public speaking courses are also essential for the candidate.

4.) He must enter a seminary after college.

A candidate is expected to stay in the seminary for 4 years if he has finished his college education and 8 years if he has not. It is for him to become more spiritual and for one to know everything about the Catholic Church. Seminarians can have male and female acquaintances but they should avoid having a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. If one finds romance too hard to resist, then he is free to go out of the seminary any time.

On the other hand, if he is a homosexual, then he should leave the seminary as well. A few priests may be gay and they may be able to hide the truth from a lot of people but they can never escape the Lord’s judgment.

5.) He must serve as deacon for 6 months after being a seminarian.

If the candidate still wishes to become a priest after fulfilling the 5th requirement, then he may finally take the vows of a priest.

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