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What are the differences between an Author and a Writer?

What Makes a Writer Different From an Author?

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Who is a Writer?

• He or she is someone who writes literary pieces such as articles and books. If these pieces never get published, then this person will never be recognized as an author.
• A writer simply writes down the story or idea of another person which is the case on someone else’s biography.
• A writer’s role is simply to express somebody’s idea to the public. Thus, we can say that he or she has an easier job compared to an author.
• An excellent writer is able to formulate images, situations and ideas in a reader’s head with just the use of words.

Who is an Author?

• He or she is the mind behind the “meat”, plot and idea of a particular literary piece which is mostly a book. However, the book need to be published in order for a person to be called as the author of the book
• If you have come up with a plot for a short story or even for a novel, then you are the author of that work.
• The primary roles of an author are to express, develop and create an idea that would be worth reading by the public.
• If an author doesn’t have excellent writing skills, then he or she can work with a writer. However, if he or she wants to have a fruitful career, then one should develop the way he or she writes an idea. Writing skills are things that you don’t learn overnight. You must be able to greatly express a thought with the use of words and be a master of a certain language in order for you to say that you indeed have great writing skills.
• An author’s work can be copyrighted. This is one of the privileges of becoming an author.


A curious delineation – but quite spurious. In reality, the distinguishing features highlighted here overlap a lot I think.
The differences that are maybe worth noting, and is widely noted, is:
1) That an author initiates and creates the idea for the work which may be written (writer) by them, or by another writer.
2) An author has published a completed piece of writing; a writer is in the process of writing something.

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