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How is being Intelligent any different from being Smart?

What Makes Intelligent Different From Smart? What's the difference between Smart and Intelligent?

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All about Intelligence

• It is an inborn characteristic.
• It is dictated by the genes that you got from your parents.
• It can be developed through time but your intelligence was already given to you on the day that you were born.
• It is elegant knowledge. This gives an intelligent person the edge among other people.
• It is a higher form of intellect.
• It is a higher compliment to be called intelligent rather than being described as smart.
• Your intelligence can be measured and the end result is what you call as your Intelligent Quotient. Your IQ is a permanent figure for it refers to your capacity to learn.
• You can be emotionally or mathematically intelligent. It all depends on the aspect of your intelligence that you want to measure.
• Intelligent individuals are generally those people who have graduated from college. However, getting a certain degree in college is not the sole factor that can determine your intelligence.

All about Being Smart

• Being smart is something that you have to earn.
• It requires effort to learn more about a certain field.
• It allows you to apply all of the things that you have learned.
• Smart refers to wise emotional or business decisions.
• It is about learned inferences.
• Street smart and book smart are the two types of smart that you can be.
• Smart can also refer to the way you carry yourself or the way you choose your clothes. If you look extremely stunning for a particular occasion, then you can certainly hear people say that you’re a smart dresser.
• If you want to be sarcastic, then you can use the word smart. An example of this is using ‘smart alec’ answers in a sentence.

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