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What is the meaning of Criminal Justice?

Tell me more about All about Criminal Justice

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All about Criminal Justice

• It is basically a goal to be fair to everyone who is included in the judgment or defense of a certain suspect to a crime. It tends to listen to both sides of the story.
• It is the study or use of laws which revolve around the behavior of a criminal.
• It executes just treatment to anyone who is accused of being a criminal and to the victims of the crime as well. In the end, the truth shall always prevail.
• However, criminal justice is not always achieved in all parts of the world. Judges can have different perceptions towards the case, unjust modifications can be made to the laws by people in the Senate and laws can be applied in so many ways.
• Lawyers, judges and the police are the people who usually study criminal justice. They use this concept to catch and prosecute people who have sinned against the law. However, lawyers also use this concept in defending their clients even if they are already accused of a crime.
• It’s a subject that lawyers can major in while they are taking their masters.
• It can also be a 4-year course for anyone who wants to join CIA or FBI.
• Law evaluation is greatly studied in a course like this. Sociology, ethics, history of criminal justice and forensic psychology may be included in the curriculum as well.
• The members of Supreme Courts apply criminal justice in making adjustments with the laws that we already have.
• On the other hand, criminal justice can simply refer to process of training and certifying all police officials.
• Anyone who wants to execute criminal justice must know the rights of suspects and their victims. He or she must be knowledgeable with the laws in his or her country as well.

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