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What is the job of a Dental Assistant?

What are the daily functions of a Dental Assistant?

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The dental assistant is important for the success of a dental office as he provides support to both the dental doctor and hygienist.

Basic functions

Dental assistants usually are in charge with many responsibilities which may appear small but essential to the function of the dental practice. Basically, dental assistants handle many of little details, and freeing the dental operators to just directly focus on patient care.

A dental assistant does his support by preparing the areas of patient care in the dental office or clinic. He makes sure that all the instruments are kept in their proper working order, sterilized and properly laid out for the dentist or dental hygienist use. He also ensures that other essentials such as medication and bibs for the comfort of the patient are ready for use.

Preparation of the patient care area may include the basics - cleaning, dusting the spaces and mopping the floors. He also takes care of developing radiographs taken by the dental operators. These are often placed with other relevant patient information so that the care provider can have the patient’s complete record such as health status and other background. Along with setting the radiographs, a dental assistant usually prepare materials used for temporary fillings as well as carry out other tasks under the direction of the dentist and hygienist.

Dentistry procedure and charting responsibilities

The presence of the dental assistant might be needed during a dentistry procedure. He helps in retracting tissue or suctioning an area so the dental operator has a clearer field of vision. The dental assistant usually hands the operator the requested equipment during the dental procedure to allow the operator to concentrate on the task at hand.

The dental assistant also handles charting responsibilities when a procedure is completed or when the dentist renders a diagnosis.

Education and training requirements

Some jurisdictions do not require the dental assistant for a formal education, most of the dental assistants have some sort of trainings pertinent to oral care and hygiene.

It is certain indeed that the role of a dental assistant makes a big difference in patient care.

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