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What can I do to become a full-time Cartoonist?

How does someone get to be a Cartoonist and make a career out of it? What should I do to become a cartoonist?

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Drawing cartoons is an art. This form of art can make anyone who is into it a decent living. Just like any other art such as acting, music, dancing and writing, it also requires one to have the dedication. Most cartoonist and illustrators even get nine to five jobs just to finance their cartoon work.

Art schools now hire cartoonist and illustrators to teach the basics of illustrations to students. Cartoonists working in the comics’ trade or draw comic strips come from different background. These cartoonists do not become successful right away. They get rejected many times before they become successful in their field.

Before anyone becomes a good cartoonist, he has to learn how to write because this is one important component of becoming a successful cartoonist. Every character you write must have its own life and story. Garfield, Charlie Brown, Calvin and Hobbes are just a few of the famous characters that have their own distinct characters and stories. They get involved in many different situations with a storyline.

While it is true that readers get attracted to attractive and colorful drawings and cartoons, it is also necessary to create a good background and personality to the cartoon character. The storyline you create must be very interesting to keep the readers glued and follow your story and characters you create. Take for instance the superhero comic books Marvel and D. C. Comics. The characters that relate most to the readers are the ones that worked.

If you do not have the knack of writing, you can just be a plain cartoonist and draw the characters in somebody else’s storyline. Good cartoonists are now enjoying a good wealth in this industry. Their service is now in demand now that more and more films are made animated. The process of animation these days have evolved where the characters seem to have life. The Simpsons is one popular television show that is animated and lifelike.
Being a cartoonist can be very taxing as it requires you to work on a long stretches at a time though most of the time all you need is a drawing board or a computer. If you have worked on a cartoon strip and you honestly think it is going to sell, it will help if you show it first to fellow cartoonist and ask for their honest opinion. Ask them what is wrong with it and be ready to get a truthful answer.

Once you are confident about your comic strip, you can start sending it to newspapers and comics. Competition is very stiff in this industry; this is something you must expect. There are only an estimated two-hundred syndicated comic strips available and about 15 new comic strips that come out every year.

Make sure you send your work to as many illustration venues as possible like books, film studios and newspapers. Expect to be rejected and do not take it seriously and be discouraged. One rejection a day is just normal. It only means that you are sending enough a day. With the right attitude and determination, there is no doubt that you will succeed.

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