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What does a Director of Nursing do during the work day?

What is the Daily Functions of a Director of Nursing?

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Supervision and administrative

A nursing director is an educated and licensed nurse who oversees all the nursing aspects in the healthcare facility. He handles administrative duties related to nursing such as patient care, finance and supplies. Rather than working with patients, the primary responsibilities of the nursing director are administrative and supervision.

The should-be skills of the nursing director are patience, diplomacy, leadership and the capability to still work fine when pressured. He also needs strong organization skills, good communication skills as well as some knowledge on budget and finance.

Liaison tasks

The nursing director usually acts as a liaison among the physicians, healthcare facility managers and nursing staff. He is expected to understand the concerns of the nursing staff and relay these to the members of the management team including the doctors. Furthermore, the nursing director can give recommendations to address the concerns of the nursing staff.

The primary duties for the nursing director is planning as well as executing strategies for the operational management. The nursing director usually gets valuable information needed to plan operational strategies from his meetings with the doctors as well as staff members. Strategy implementation may also include training, staff hiring and scheduling implementation. The director may conduct market research to provide a good foundation for the strategic planning.

The director of nursing also meets with nurses and gather their inputs about the changes which are necessary to make better of patient care and needs. The director may also present the results of the research to the board of directors.

Majority of the responsibilities of the director of nursing is administrative but he is also usually expected to touch base with the clinical areas to identify satisfaction levels of the staff members and patients. This is possible through face-to-face meetings, surveys and other ways to get valuable information inputs.

Education requirements

Nursing directors are required of a master’s degree, albeit some regions accept bachelor’s degree. He or she must be at least a registered nurse (RN) and maintains his license.

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