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What is the meaning of Public Relations?

What does someone involved in Public Relations do?

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Companies, organizations and people have to have good reputations and to just that they need to use public relations (PR). This is being handled by PR firms or public relations professionals to improve the image of their clients. PR works with media for their clients to be presented in a most favorable manner. Sometimes, the cooperation and help of other relevant organizations and people is needed to further improve the image of the client.

Image is Important

The business world can get really competitive and tough nowadays. Companies would do everything possible to set them apart from the rest, to be distinctively different and stand out. A company has to have an image both appealing to the media and the public. When a company has a favorable and positive image, sales could go up.

PR Departments

PR works by informing the media and the public about how the company works. A PR department may also be referred to as customer relations department or public information department. These departments handle the customers’ concerns. It is also part of the department’s duty to show the best side of the company. A research may also be done by the department to learn how satisfied customers are with the performance of the company and its products and or services.

Tools Used

Public relations department uses a lot of tolls to enhance the image of a company. Some of the tools used are:
• News releases
• Announcements
• News letters
• Trade shows
• Conventions
• Blogs
• Social media

Providing a Positive Spin

Most people think that “PR” is all about spinning the news and information about the company to make it more appealing to the media and to the public. One example is when the company needs to layoff some employees; this news would definitely put the company into bad light. What PR department will do is to show that the company is merely trying to lower the cost to become more efficient and furthermore to give the customers a better service and affordable products. The PR department must be careful not to exaggerate and twist the truth in the process. In this case, the company will suffer by getting a bad image.

Working in Public Relations

It is important for people who belong to the PR department to have very good oral and written communication skills. The PR people should also do multitasking and have skills in time management. A clear understanding of how the media works is also necessary plus planning and organizational skills.
Working in the PR department involves a lot of pressure therefore it is important for the PR employee to work under pressure as he or she will be facing the questions of media from time to time. In case of verbal attack, it is the duty of the PR department to shield the company from the attacks.

Typically people who work in the PR department are those with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism or communications. Competition in this department is challenging and also rewarding. The PR person can work his way up to becoming a junior account executive or account director in five years time.

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