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What are the Differences between a Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science degree?

Can you explain the Difference between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree?

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When selecting a degree program to take up in college, one may get a little confused between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. These two differ in a way that the programs they offer are focused on different areas. For instance, a B.A. degree is more directed on the programs in the arts, social sciences and humanities. On the other hand, a B.S. degree is more specialized in a way that it prepares the student for a specific career path. It is focused on the programs in the sciences, mathematics and technology. One thing they have in common is that they can be completed in a period of four years, which is if the school does not set any other special requirements that may make it longer than four years.

Choosing a degree to take in college is one important process an individual must go through to further his or her career and choosing between B.A. and B.S. should be done with care. Each of these two degrees has its own benefits that will suit an individual’s specific career path. The classes taken in a B.A. are typically broader such as language, arts and literature. This degree is appropriate to those who are planning to continue with masters or doctoral degree.

The specialized courses offered in a B.S. are designed to give students the training they need to gain more skills necessary for a specific career. This way, the student finds it easier to enter a specific career after graduating. This does not mean that those who pursue other degrees are not ready for a career. It does not also mean that those who pursue a B.S. will not be able to further their study. Some students choose to double major and take both B.A. and B.S.

These two degrees will take four years to be finished. There could be instances where it may take longer than four years especially if there is an internship required which is a common practice in the science degrees. According to some students, a B.S. degree really takes longer to complete because of the many requirements like additional applied work in the lab, course work and others.

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