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What Country is the best to get a medical degree and become a Doctor?

Getting a Medical Degree from Different Countries?

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Each country has its own educational system and therefore, if one plans to become a medical doctor, he or she should consider the years it would take to reach such goal. Different countries have different ways in completing medical school and oftentimes, medical school is expensive.

India has one of the shortest medical school curriculums being offered. Just less than five years and students can earn the medical school degree. But despite the very short program compared to other countries, India has very competitive medical schools that can do well and compete with other countries that offer up to 6 or 8 years of studies.

Canada and United States are the countries that offer the longest medical school programs wherein an undergraduate program is needed before any student can enroll in a medical school. Usually, undergraduate studies would take 4-5 years plus medicine of 4 years, which will take up to 8-9 years in total. Not to mention the internships and residencies. Similarly, some Asian countries such as the Philippines also offer the similar medical school program wherein an undergraduate study is needed before the formal medical schooling starts. Thailand, Nigeria, and Japan requires a 6-year undergraduate program before getting the medical degree.

Sri Lanka and some countries in Africa offer a shorter program for medical school wherein 6 years is required to study plus a few months of internship. Similar also with Germany that only has a 5-year program.

Countries from Europe and Australia have similar programs which often last for 6 to 7 years including internship while Korea has changed its program from six years of studies to a 4+4 program which is similar to what is being done in the Philippines. According to the studies, USA and Canada are the countries that are quite not easy to take up medicine. This is because of the long programs as well as the competitive universities. Even doctors from other countries who wished to work in USA and Canada would still need to study again, pass some exams, and get internships before practicing the profession.

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