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Is Intelligence the Same as Education?

What is the difference between Intelligence vs. Education?

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One shouldn’t confuse intelligence with education because these two are completely different from each other. They may have similarities but these two are different especially when it comes to how it is being obtained.

When we say education, we always refer it to school, whether it is formal or informal. Education is derived externally through other people or other factors. These may be in the form of teachers, parents, and other people that contributed with knowledge. Knowledge can enhance intelligence since it is a great help to develop one’s skill and intelligence. There are times also that special talents or intelligence will be awakened once the person receives proper knowledge through education. Education is always associated with knowing a lot of things, memorizing, and recalling.

Intelligence is an innate characteristic of a person. It is a natural ability that is different among individuals. Over time, researchers tried to measure intelligence through batteries of tests but until now, scientists and researchers still cannot measure accurately intelligence. There are several theories on intelligence and one of them is Gardner’s Theory on Multiple Intelligences wherein he stated that different individual have different intelligences that would determine how best they would learn. According to Gardner, there are nine different intelligences, namely; logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, visual, naturalist, linguistic, musical, spatial, and bodily-kinesthetic. These nine intelligences are different from each other and our intelligence greatly affects how we perceive new knowledge.

Because of the clear description between intelligence and education, educators and those other people concerned are now focusing more on intelligence rather than knowledge wherein knowledge can be acquired anywhere. Teachers make use of their intelligences to educate students who also have varying intelligences. This can be a challenge because intelligence goes beyond the call of memorizing. Intelligence is the application of education and how students make use of what they have learned.

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