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How can you tell the difference between Education vs. Indoctrination?

How is Education and Indoctrination different?

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Education and indoctrination are very helpful and influential on how we live and make decisions. These two terms are very different from each other wherein one means facts and the other mean influence. Let us look into their differences and how each would affect a person’s life.

Education not only refers to going to schools and universities but also knowing facts in any other ways. Because of education, people can look for better solutions and a wide array of options. It has opened doors to different possibilities, showed different cultures and societies, and has affected the lives of each person especially on how the deal conflicts and challenges. When a person is said to be well-educated, he or she has a sound judgment, can provide different solutions to one problem, and can uses facts and statistics as basis.

Indoctrination is more like a belief system. All of us have beliefs based on our culture, society, and home our parents have brought us. Unlike education, indoctrination only focuses on beliefs and does not even consider facts. Oftentimes, indoctrination would misinterpret facts just to be consistent with their beliefs. If education provides a large number of solutions to one problem, indoctrination only provides one solution to one problem. Indoctrination is biased and instead of facts, it proposes other people to embrace a belief or culture. An example of indoctrination is religion.

Education and indoctrination are very important. When a child grows up, he or she is indoctrinated to his or her parent’s belief as well as the society he or she is in. When the child grows and learns new things, what he or she believe may change or not depending on what he or she has learned. Parents play a great role on the education as well as indoctrination of the child. Education provides facts and basis while indoctrination provides principles and philosophies in life.

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