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How are Civil Engineers and Architects different?

How do Civil Engineers and Architects Work Together?

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Architects and civil engineers work closely together to design and create infrastructures that are not only beautiful but very functional and durable too. The relationship of these two kinds of profession and how they work together greatly affects the outcome of their project.

Many would have said that the job of the architect only lies on the paper and designs of the building, how to make it aesthetically appealing and that the job of the civil engineer is to go into the construction site, supervises the construction and implements the design. These assumptions were actually true, but there is more to those assumptions.

Truly, an architect is responsible for the overall design of an infrastructure. That person is responsible to create drafts, determine what materials to use, the designs, and functionality of the infrastructure. An architect always thinks of what people may feel and how people may perceive of the new creation. They create designs that work well with the space and theme given.

A civil engineer is responsible in realizing the designs created by the architect. Aside from making sure the designs are being followed, the civil engineer makes sure that the materials being used are durable and works well with the given type of soil or other materials that it goes along with. He makes sure that construction processes are very good with great practicality. They would know if a project is expensive or not or if it does require ample time for it to be made.

Seeing their different roles, we come to realize that these two professions work very closely with each other. It is very important for these two people to have good communication as well as understanding the roles of each other. These two persons are very crucial in the success of every building made.

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