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Can the Temperature of a Workplace Affect Its Employee’s Performance?

Will the office temperture of a worklace have an affect on worker productivity?

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A certain study indicates that an employee’s efficiency is greatly based on the temperature of his or her workplace. The perfect room temperature is said to start from 70° Fahrenheit (21.1° Celsius) up to 73° Fahrenheit (22.8° Celsius). However, a few researchers believe that the best temperature for a workplace is 77° Fahrenheit or 25° Celsius.

Data of the Study

The particular study was able to gather data which shows that if a workplace is set into a temperature of 25° Celsius, he or she is more likely to produce an error free output on the computer compared to working in place that has a lower temperature. The study also shows that too hot or too cold workplaces are not good for a company’s employees.

The Recommended Room Temperature Can Change

The recommended room temperature range which is mentioned above can change depending on the weather. For instance, employees prefer thicker coats during the winter season and lighter outfits during the summer season. As an effect, they may perspire in their offices during the winter season because of all the clothes that they have on and shiver to the set workplace temperature during the summer season because of their thinner garments.

Thus, it is an employer’s prerogative to adjust the recommended room temperature range based on the preference of his or her employees.

How Room Temperature is Truly Essential to a Company

Actually, the principle to follow is simple. If you want your employees to enjoy their jobs and produce high quality output, you must be able to provide them with workplaces that they deserve and don’t forget to apply the recommended room temperature mentioned above.

If you fail to do this step, you can surely expect to see a huge increase in your current amount of expenses. Why is this so? Well, buying an additional air conditioner or heater will surely double your operation costs basically because your employees don’t need it. Thus, just stick to the recommended room temperature range for you to keep your profit intact.

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