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What's the differences between Knowledge vs. Education?

What Makes Education Different From Knowledge?

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What is Education?

• It is what a professor teaches to his or her students.
• It involves theories, concepts and facts.
• It is definite and more specific than knowledge.
• It has levels that its learner has to go through.
• It is a whole entity which doesn’t have several aspects.
• It is governed by a universal system.
• It has a certain curriculum, regulations and rules that its practitioners need to follow.
• It is something that you may never experience in real life.
• It is what you gain from reading books.
• It develops over time.
• It is a learning process that is completely formal.
• One can gain education from universities, colleges, schools and any other formal institution.

What is Knowledge?

• It is basically a noun.
• It is a collective term for facts that are gained through additional readings, consultation from one’s teachers or counselors, talking with one’s friends and most importantly, through good education.
• One can acquire knowledge from personal experiences as well.
• It can never be taught by anybody. You have to acquire your knowledge on your own.
• You can gain it from the kids in your neighborhood, from your life’s greatest and most painful events, from your peers and even from your parents.
• It is about knowing one’s self and developing one’s mind in critical situations.
• It has no predetermined guidelines.
• It doesn’t have a system to follow.
• It is not a restricted way of learning things.
• It is acting upon one’s education.
• It is driven by one’s self.
• As you grow old, you become more knowledgeable but that doesn’t make a child less knowledgeable than you.
• Overall, knowledge is a learning experience that is not formal.

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