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What are the steps taken to Become a Lawyer?

How can I go about becoming a professional Lawyer?

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Anyone aiming to become a lawyer must possess a high level of dedication and determination since this legal profession is tough to achieve. A successful lawyer has a keen eye on details, very strong organizational skills, and very good in oral and written communication skills. The first step anyone aiming to become a lawyer must focus first on the education aspect of this legal career.

Different countries have different requirements when it comes to becoming a lawyer. Same thing in the United States, seven states here have different requirements. If you wish to become a legal professional, ensure that you meet all the requirements where you plan to take the course, better yet, check the State Bar Association.
Most countries may have different requirements but many of them have similar requirements as that of the requirements used in the United States. The first requirement is to finish an undergraduate Bachelors Degree. This shows that the candidate has met the standards and requirements of the university and that includes providing a high school diploma with the required Grade Point Average (GPA). The individual’s GPA plays an important role and will always be regarded as a basis in determining whether the person will qualify and be accepted in law school. A prospective law student must consider taking an undergraduate degree that is not going to limit the scholastic endeavors in the future meaning the course should be beneficial once the person starts with law school. Computer Science, History and English are some of the useful courses the person can take in the undergraduate. A number of universities offer pre-law majors but are not actually required.

As soon as the undergraduate course is completed, it is now time to apply for law school. The first step is to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) before starting to apply in any law school. This test is like the test high school students take before they enter college. The test is divided in five segments with a time allotment of 35 minutes each.

Usually, law school takes three years to complete but there are part-time programs may be available. Some students choose to focus on certain area of law but it is not actually required.

Of course the final step in finally becoming a lawyer is to take and pass the Bar Examination. If the aspiring lawyer aspires to practice in the U.S., he needs to go through a moral character investigation and complete the ethical standards exam. When all these are done and completed successfully, the individual can start practicing law. Lawyers may be required to continue education requirements in the process.

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