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How can I Get Ready to Work from Home?

I'd like to work from home, how can I prepare myself to do so?

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An attractive alternative

For many, getting the chance to work from home is an attractive alternative to the daily commute, though those who already work from home say that there are some significant sacrifices and trade-offs.

Telecommuting has recently increased popularity but preparing to work from home goes beyond simply setting a satellite office or uploading files to a server. It can be a total change in personal and professional lifestyle.

Setting a workspace at home

To work from home efficiently, clearly set the definition between a personal living space and a professional workspace. Another way to set yourself to work from home is to invest in an office as well as a storage and a communication equipment. Telecommuters who used to work in an office may not realize how many equipments are missing at the home office such as fax machines, copiers, printers and filing cabinets. Important documents must be properly organized and stored. Internet connections may need upgrades and some special equipments, professionally installed.

A spare room can be converted into a home workspace and must be recognized by all family members as a professional working area. The workload for work at home employees is not necessarily lighter than in those who are in a centralized office.

Do not be isolated

Work from home has other considerations too. While it might be appealing to work in jeans and shirts, you may begin to feel isolated from interpersonal dynamics in an office environment. There can be some literal truths from “out of sight” or “out of mind” phrases. You may want to pay the main office a visit from time to time to stay abreast of the current developments.

Work schedule and self-discipline

A very important consideration to work from home is self-discipline. Office workers can be tempted to spend extra time on coffee or lunch breaks but supervisors regulate it. However, when you work at home, you do not have restrictions. A ten-minute break can become a half-hour phone call as there are no lunch whistles, time clocks and supervisors. Develop strong self-discipline so the tempting time-killers are avoided.

You must establish a schedule when you really are “at work” and not be distracted by family members as it can easily happen in the home environment where personal events go on during work hours.

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