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What is the Best Way to Learn to Bartend?

How can I learn how to be a bartender?

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An aspiring bartender must attend a bartending school before becoming one. While in a bartending school, you will be exposed to different kinds of alcoholic drinks. You will also learn how to mix and prepare several kinds of alcoholic drinks. Some other important skills that you have to learn are to how to care for the glassware and how to properly keep the alcohol drinks.

Living in a big city is advantageous as there will be a lot of bartending schools to choose from. Living in a small city would require the student to travel in going to the school. A student can choose to go to a distance education bartending school and learn to become a bartender.

Going to a distance education school allows you to finish the course online. The school can just even send you videotapes of the classes so you can watch them in the comfort of your home and learn from them. You must know that nothing compares to the actual or hands-on experience when it comes to learning skills especially bartending in a real club, tavern, bar or some institution that offer alcoholic drinks and the services of a bartender is needed. The school you go to help you gain experience or practice your learned skills by setting up internship in a bar, tavern or club near the school. Incase this internship is not being practiced by the school; you must be on your own and look for a place where you can practice being a bartender.

There are instances when people get hired as bartenders without having to attend a bartending school. Some club owners provide the training to the prospective bartenders. You cannot just work as a bartender without undergoing proper training.

Becoming a successful bartender is not just about having the skill in mixing alcoholic drinks. You have got to know how to give excellent service to customers. You have to know how to communicate effectively to customers who are drinking heavily. To avoid liability for the establishment, you have to be responsible in telling the customer that he cannot have any more drinks because he has had more than enough.

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