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What is the difference between Counseling Psychology vs. Clinical Psychology?

What Makes Counseling Psychology Different From Clinical Psychology?

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What is Counseling Psychology?

• A counseling psychologist understands and communicates with his or her patients for them to efficiently deal with their regular conflicts.
• He or she doesn’t perform psycho-analysis because he or she is a counselor not a clinical psychologist.
• He or she doesn’t need the diagnosis of a medical doctor to accommodate a patient. Thus, everyone is welcome to visit a counseling psychologist if needed.
• He or she puts emphasis on the way the patient thinks or how the patient perceives things.
• He or she deals with the present situation of one’s patients and not with their past.
• He or she reminds them of the role that they should play in their lives.
• Someone who undergoes counseling psychology just wants to talk to a professional to find solutions to his or her daily problems.
• He or she doesn’t have any mental illness.

What is Clinical Psychology?

• It is the method of treating sick people.
• Scientific evidences and theory are being used in this field.
• Clinical psychologists usually apply psycho-analysis to their clients.
• They put emphasis on the patient’s unconsciousness.
• They help their patients live normally as much as they can.
• They either prescribe medicines to their patients or have them confined in an institution that can help them get better in time.
• A patient of this kind of psychology requires professional help and he or she needs to be assessed and evaluated in the psychological sense.
• He or she is referred by the authorities or by a medical doctor.
• If you are someone who has schizophrenia, multiple personalities or sociopathy, then you are recommended to see a clinical psychologist.
• A clinical psychologist deal mainly with patients who have mental illnesses.

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