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Difference between a Diploma and a Degree?

What Makes a Diploma Different From a Degree?

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What is a Diploma?

• It is an award that can be acquired after a maximum of 2 years of formal education.
• It is given by most polytechnic, vocational and educational institutions.
• A course which awards a diploma trains a student to become a fit employee in a certain trade or business.
• It focuses more on actual job scenarios and it has less theoretical knowledge and academic subjects.
• Its curriculum is easier than a degree course given that you can finish it in only 2 years.
• It can even offer OJT training or apprenticeship for a short period of time.
• If you want to be an engineer, carpenter, nurse, hotel manager or a cook in just a matter of 2 years, then you should enroll yourself in a diploma course.
• A master’s program may be difficult for you to pursue if you have only undergone a diploma course.

What is a Degree?

• It is an award that can be acquired after a maximum of 4 years of formal education. The number of years would depend on the educational system of the country where the person is living.
• It is given by a well known or accredited university.
• It can serve to your advantage if you plan to climb up the corporate ladder.
• A course which awards a degree focuses on academics.
• It has a very organized curriculum which allows the student to take prerequisite subjects to better prepare him or her for more complex subjects.
• It has electives or minor subjects and specialization or major subjects.
• It helps the student know his or her academic and career interests.
• If you are already a degree holder, then you may proceed to a master’s program if you want to.

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