How to Own a Cat without being a Crazy Cat Person


You can actually have a cat without being given the title of a “cat lady”. You just need to do the steps that we will be mentioning below for you to continue caring for your pet without being judged by other people.

1.) First, know the true concept of being “cat lady”. Actually, this term is being given to any single and middle-aged woman who has too many cats in her small apartment. She treats her pets as if they are her actual children and she lets her major life decisions revolve around them. Thus, avoid doing these things for you not to be labeled as a cat lady.

2.) Have a maximum of 2 cats only. If you live in a huge mansion, then you free to have four cats instead. Try to divert your attention. Collect rare items or memorable experiences and none of those cats. A dozen of them would only create a huge mess in your home and in your social life.

3.) Are you obsessed with your cats’ pictures? Do you have a limited social life because of them? Do you talk about them a lot when you’re with your colleagues? If your answer to all of the questions mentioned above is a definite “yes”, then it’s time for you to have a different lifestyle for you are seriously becoming a cat lady.

4.) You can have one or two framed pictures of your pet but never go beyond that number. This is a sign of obsession and it’s something that your friend and colleagues would easily notice. Thus, you get judged beforehand without having the chance to explain yourself.

5.) Go out and have fun with your friends on a Friday night. Your cat will be able to survive for hours without your presence so don’t worry too much. If you have an emotionally attached Siamese cat, then make sure that it has another cat to play with or a temporary pet sitter whenever you go out to party.

6.) Rarely mention about your cat in a conversation. Most individuals are not interested with animals so make sure that you don’t brag about your pet all the time. You can still share your experiences with your cat but they should be relevant to the topic that you are already discussing with your friends.

7.) Treat your cat as a pet and not as an actual person whom you can totally rely on. Don’t get too emotionally attached with it. It’s not a proper thing to do and you’re only going to suffer in the end once your cat dies unexpectedly. It’s simply unhealthy to love your pet too much.

8.) Never treat your pet as a dress up doll. You can do that to your nieces or nephews. Plus, if your shirts have the faces of different cats all over them, then it’s time for you to let these garments go. Donate them to charity. This is a huge step that you should take for you not to become a cat lady.

9.) Have your cats neutered or sprayed. These methods can help control their population. Don’t be guilty upon doing this to your pets. It’s for their own good and you’re just playing the role of a responsible citizen in your country. You’re simply promoting the welfare of the people around you as well.

10.) If you realize that you are truly a cat lady, then so be it. Live up to that name as long as your not stepping on another person’s dignity. After all, it’s your life. You should be able to live it the way you want to. People may call you all the names that they want and you can give them that big smile and continue to hold your head up high.

It is not a crime to be a cat lady. As long as your pets are not disturbing the peace and order in your community, then there’s really nothing that you should worry about. Continue to be what you truly are and find people who wouldn’t mind to hear about your cat experiences. Form a new circle of friends if you have to and live your life to the fullest.



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