How to Give a Cat a Hug

Tips on how to properly hug a cat.

Give your cat a sound hug for your pet to feel your utmost care and love. However, below are a few things that you should do before that.

1.) Get to know the preference of your pet. There are some cats that don’t welcome a human’s touch. Thus, be aware of what your cat likes. If it’s the type which craves for a hug, then you are free to cuddle with your pet. If it’s not, then respect its preference.

If your pet’s still a kitten, then it would be better for you to have other people at home who are willing to watch over your cat as well. Together with these individuals, attend to your kitten on a daily basis for him or her to get used to the touch of a human being.

2.) Wash your cat before you hug it if necessary. However, you won’t probably get the chance to hug your beloved pet since most cats tend to be jumpy after a shower. On the other hand, you are also required to wash your hands before and after the hug.

If your cat’s sensitive to odor, then you might consider taking a shower before the hug or postpone applying your perfume until you get the chance to hug your precious pet.

3.) Hugging your feline is all about perfect timing. Never hug it if it’s not in the mood if you basically don’t want to get a scratch on your face.

4.) The mood of your cat would also dictate as to whether you can carry it for a hug or you would just have to hug it while it’s on the floor. If the latter option is applicable, then just have your arms wide open and encircle your pet for a sound hug.

However, if he or she is in a good mood and allows you to carry it around, then it would be better for you to finally hug your feline while you’re sitting just in case it starts to get out of your grasp. Just remember to handle your cat with care. Place your one hand on the rear portion of its body and your other hand on its chest.

You can lie down as well as you hug your cat. It would make your pet feel more comfortable with you since he or she can immediately jump down of the bed or sofa if you’re starting to unconsciously suffocate your pet.

Just gentle hug your cat for he or she can easily hurt you when aggravated. If your pet doesn’t appreciate the gesture at all, then you can always stoke or pat your feline instead. Instruct the same thing to your children if they wish to hug your cat as well. Also, advise them not to carry the pet since it might be too heavy for them.

Don’t forget to use your face and your nose when you snuggle with cat. This type of animal truly appreciates that gesture.

5.) Put your actions into words. Your cat may not understand what you’re saying but it would surely feel your positive vibe as you appreciate it verbally. If you’re in a foul mood, then your cat can still give you the comfort you that you need.

7.) Cats are often preoccupied with their daily routines so just hug them briefly and treasure that experience.

8.) Your cat can hug you back in return but just make sure that you have your pajamas or your slacks on for you not to acquire visible scratches.

9.) Undergo some animal training before you decide to purchase bigger cats.




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