How to Cat Proof Your Computer Keyboard or Laptop


Most cats can’t seem to stay away from computers. Thus, below are some tips that you can follow for you to make your computers less desirable for your pets.

1.) Make your cat realize that your computer isn’t something that it can play with. Drive it away from your PC but make sure that you provide it with alternative toys that will serve as its distraction. This step will surely keep your pet guided. Also, your cat may be playing with your computer to get your attention. If that’s the case, then spend time with your pet for a few minutes and finish your task afterwards if possible.

2.) Don’t leave the door to your office ajar. This invites your cat to play with your computer while you’re busy cooking in the kitchen or playing with your kids. Who knows? Your beloved feline may severely damage your unit and you might regret having it in the first place.

3.) Keep your working space clean as much as possible. Clutter also serves as an invitation for your cat to play with your computer so keep this area of your home spic and span at all times. Dirt can attract other pests as well. Thus, cleanliness can actually help you hit two birds with the same stone.

4.) Beverages look interesting for cats. Thus, you should also make your work space free of all kinds of drinks. If this step is not possible for you, then simply stay alert just in case your cat also wants to take a sip of your favorite coffee.

5.) You can use sprays which cats are resistant to. These chemicals can be applied on your other furniture if your cats love to stay on them as well. Just don’t let the spray’s moisture stay on your computer for too long since we all know that water can certainly affect the performance of any device.

6.) With regards to your keyboard, you can purchase a desk for your computer which has a tray for its keyboard to keep your equipment secure. You can also buy a cover for it to keep it free from scratch and dust. Just make sure that you apply the cover when your PC or laptop’s been turned off already to allow cool air to circulate within the device. Keyboard covers can be home made as well.

You also have the option to simply hide your keyboard whenever you’re away from your desk.

If you are someone who tends to forget about things, then a paw recognition software might do the trick for you. This kind of software can produce irritating sounds to drive your cat away from your keyboard.

7.) Leave the room together with your cat. Never trust it to behave around your computer. Also, you can place adhesive tapes around your PC. Cats hate surfaces that are sticky. Thus, they will eventually find your computer as troublesome. However, be careful in putting those tapes around your equipment for you might get stuck to them yourself.

8.) You can give your cat a basket where it can stay far away from the computer but still near your area. By doing so, you will give your pet the impression that you are not totally ignoring her and that she is still allowed to watch you as you finish your task on your computer.

9.) Peripheral devices, cords and wires look fun to cats too so make sure that you cover, tie or hide them from your pets as much as possible.

10.) Moreover, make sure that you shut down your computer or laptop when you’re not using it. Furthermore, place your laptop in a secure place to prevent your cats from scratching it.

11.) Once you have already placed your cats out of the way, it’s time for you to check the condition of your computer and its other devices. Have the main unit cleaned on a daily basis for your pets might have left bundle of their furs inside the equipment without you knowing it. Just like piles of dust, a large amount of fur can certainly disrupt the performance of your PC so make sure that your unit’s free of these materials.



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