How to Prevent a Cat from Clawing and Destroying Furniture

Ways to stop a cat from scratching at your furniture.
by Updated June 28, 2021

Cats claw on your furniture because it is their natural behavior and not because they intend to aggravate you. It is their way of maintaining the condition of their claws. Moreover, remember that your pets are not as intelligent as you. They are not capable of forming rational thoughts most of the time. Thus, learn to forgive them when you see a new tear on your new sofa.  start using the information prescribed below as your guide to preventing further damage to your furniture at home.

1.) Know the reason as to why your cat claws or scratches your furniture. In order for you to extend your patience with your pet, you need to be aware that it is natural for cats to claw on the surfaces that they encounter on a regular basis. Clawing is a cat’s form of exercise. It may sound bizarre but that’s the truth. This feline behavior is also its way of cleaning its claws.

2.) As mentioned above, you need to be a patient pet owner. You should also learn to understand your cat as each day goes by. Put value into the relationship that you have with your pet and love your feline as much as you love the other members of your family. Once your cat feels your genuine care, then it would start to avoid things which make you angry. It would begin to seek your approval and appreciation. As a result, it might even completely stay away from your precious sofa.

3.) Put a throw blanket over the areas you cat is scratching. Blankets are not as sturdy as a couch or chair, so your cat likely will not want to claw it for long.  In place of the furniture, make sure you have a proper cat scratching post or card board scratcher, so you cat has something to claw when it feels the need to.

4.) Let your cat play outdoors as much as possible.

Allowing your cat to stay outside of your home would let it scratch on other surfaces such as a tree bark. Thus, it would have other options aside from your furniture. Once your pet gets used to the presence of a tree bark, then you can allow it to do its clawing outdoors every afternoon.

5.) If you have objects, furnishings and furniture that are really expensive, then make sure that you place them in secured rooms and don’t allow your cat to get inside those rooms. This may limit the space where your pet can roam around your home, but this is for the safety of your investments so don’t feel guilty about it. Inform the other members of your family about this special arrangement as well.

6.) Carefully trim the claws of your cat. Do this on a regular basis if you have the time. By doing so, your pet won’t see the need to claw on your furniture in order for it to maintain the condition of its claws. If you have not trimmed the claws of your cat before, then let a professional show you how and practice the procedure at home to lessen your expenses. Just gain your cats trust first, and persevere and you’ll perfectly trim your cat’s claws in no time.

7.) Sometimes, cats choose the furniture that they are going to scratch on. Their preference often depends on the material or cloth used in making the furniture. Thus, if your pet seems addicted with a particular kind of furniture, then you would have to protect this object from further scratching by completely covering it. You can use double-sided tape for this matter. Cats hate the sticky feeling that comes with this type of tape. Or use a blanket.

8.) Get a spray bottle. A small bottle would have to do for this step. Fill it with water and pour a cap of orange oil into it. If you can’t find orange oil inside your home, then you can go for or eucalyptus oil. Mix the two substances well and spray the mixture on the furniture that you want to protect from your cat. Actually, felines don’t like orange oil scents. Thus, if your furniture has this type of scent, then your cat would be less attracted to it.

9.) You can also guard the furniture yourself. Sit on it and have a spray bottle filled with water handy. Everyone knows that cats get jumpy around the presence of H20. Thus, if you see your cat coming to your furniture for its regular clawing, then don’t hesitate to squirt it with water. However, don’t overdo it. Just spray the water gently on your cat for them not to acquire any kind of trauma towards you. This step is also applicable if your cat is already scratching your furniture.

10.) Startle your cat whenever it goes near to any of your furniture. You can use a can or a bottle full of pennies or pebbles for this step. If you find in hard to look for pebbles outside your house, then you can just sound fierce or yell at your cat if it does its clawing again. However, take note that you don’t have to curse at your pet. A sharp "NO!" would have to do.

11.) Buy a minimum of 1 scratching post for your pet or cat scratcher. If you have more than one cat at home, then you are free to purchase more than one post. However, you have to know that your cat would need to get used to the post first before it decides to scratch on it and the whole process can take time. So, gather all the patience in you. Just don’t give up on your cat if you want to save your furniture and satisfy your pet at the same time.

12.) You can hire a professional in training your cat after you buy a scratching post. You also have the option to teach your pet yourself. Just remember that your goal here is to make your cat interested with the post alone. Thus, place it in an area where the other members of your family won’t be able to accidentally step on it. Don’t forget to secure the position of the post as well.



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