How to Cool Down Your Cat during the Summer


Your cat’s condition can become crucial during the summer season due to too much heat in its surroundings. Thus, below are the things that you should do for you to cool your pet down and have a worry free summer as well.

1.) If you don’t want your cat to suffer from a heatstroke, then make sure that your rooms and even your car are all well ventilated. If ever you need to place your pet in a carrier, make sure that it has holes where in the air can get through. You can even place ice cubes wrapped in a sock or a towel inside the carrier to improve its ventilation.

If your cat is already drooling, vomiting, panting heavily and is in deep agitation, then it is most probably showing the symptoms of heatstroke. Thus, rush to the nearest veterinary clinic as soon as you can.

While on the way to its doctor, calm your cat and give it all the ventilation that it needs.

If your pet is showing serious symptoms already, then you can carefully sprinkle water over your pet to cool it down. You can even place a wet wash cloth around its body and head for a cooling effect. Never put it in a bucket full of cold water and let it drink any liquid if your pet’s still unconscious.

2.) Try to come up with a game that involves ice cubes to let your pet cool down and have fun at the same time. This should specifically be done indoors for your feline’s utmost comfort.

3.) Give your cat clean water on a regular basis to keep it hydrated. One can try putting ice cubes to an additional bowl of water and see whether your pet will like it or not. You can even produce ice cubes from beef or chicken stock to make your cat less resistant to them.

4.) Let your cat stay at home from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This period is considered as the warmest time of the day during the summer season so it would be best for your pet to enjoy the fan or the air conditioning unit inside your room to prevent it from experiencing a heatstroke. However, make sure that you give it an option to move to a warmer area in your home when the coldness in your room gets too much to bear.

5.) Give your pet a brush on a regular basis as well especially if it has long strands of hair. It helps them stay ventilated from the inside and their fur actually protects them from skin cancer and sunburn.

6.) Use a wash cloth to your advantage. First, you can soak it in water and let it stay inside your freezer for a few minutes. Then, you can place it on the floor of your bathroom or kitchen and have your pet lie on it whenever it wants to.

Second, you can use a dampened wash cloth to give your cat a sponge bath starting from your feline’s head down to its back. If the weather’s really hot, then you can do this suggestion more than two times a day

7.) If your cat decides to stay inside your cool bathroom for the whole day during the summer season, then it let be. It’s cooling itself without your help so that’s something that you should even be proud of about your pet.

8.) Your cat can’t stay indoors for the entire summer season. Thus, if it wants out then make sure that it has shady areas that it can run to. If you have a greenhouse, then make sure that you close its doors for your cat might get trapped in that place and suffer from too much heat.

9.) Give your cat a place that it can call its own. This place can either be a simple cardboard box or a luxurious basket filled with cool towels. You can even place a cold water bottle on its sleeping area for added comfort.

10.) Don’t’ encourage the hyperactive attitude of your cat during this season. Too much play would lead it to suffer from dehydration and exhaustion so try to let it calm down.





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