How to Talk and Interact with Your Cat

Ways to communicate and understand your cat.

According to research, cats can actually state their needs and wants vocally. Thus, below are the ways for you to communicate with your cat and how you can further understand each sound that they make.

1.) Give your cat your full attention. You must lend your ears to your pet and you should also see its action for every produced sound for you to determine the meaning of its every “meow”. Below are a few meows and their descriptions:

  • When a cat hisses, it can really be aggravated.
  • When it purrs, it wants your care and attention
  • When it rapidly chatters its teeth, your pet is either frustrated or excited.
  • When it meows simultaneously, it’s greeting you happily.
  • When your cat meows only once, then it’s simply greeting you.

2.) A cat’s emotion can also be shown in its gestures. Below are some common actions that cats do:

  • If your cat licks your hand, then you must have eaten something that appeals to its taste as well. The gesture can also mean that your cat considers you a family member now and that he or she trusts you already.
  • A cat’s clawing can also be its sign of affection and familiarity of you. This gesture can suggest that it wants to play with you as well and that it’s currently happy.
  • If a cat sniffs your face, then it’s just checking of you’re really its “boss”.
  • If your pet twitches its tail all the time, then it’s either worried or excited about something.
  • If the tail of your cat has a curly end, then it’s basically filled with happiness.

3.) Consider your cat as a small child. It is capable of communicating too. Thus, you only have to teach it to “speak” by talking to it on a regular basis and it would certainly learn to communicate with you in no time.

4.) If you aren’t pleased with its behavior, then talk in a low tone and let your cat know your “command tone”. You can also hiss quickly to show your disapproval. Your cat would immediately take it as a “no” from you since it produces the same sound to mean negation. On the other hand, talk naturally or raise the pitch of your voice slightly to let your pet know that you’re happy.

5.) Train your cat to go to the comfort room or bedroom by itself. Speak the words shower, bed or sleep repeatedly.

6.) Look into the eyes of your pet and slowly blink for it to come to you for a stroking session.

7.) Show consistency in your actions. If you want to be alone, then push your cat gently away and don’t stroke it afterwards because you felt guilty of your action. Just do this every time your cat goes near you for it to finally realize what you are saying. Furthermore, don’t harshly drive your pet away. Be firm yet be patient for cats really love to cuddle. That’s simply how they are.



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