How to Cope with Dating a Workaholic


Individuals can have two different perceptions with regards to their profession. They either dislike it and hate the thought of going to work everyday or absolutely love it and even be obsessed with their work. Imagine two people who have these 2 opposing perceptions dating each other, can they have a smooth flowing and peaceful relationship? Well, their differences would certainly create conflicts between them, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a long lasting relationship.

So how do you date a workaholic? Below you can find 8 steps to this question.

1.) First of all, make sure you know you are really going out with someone who is a workaholic. A workaholic is someone who does things that are related to his or her work even when you are on a date. These things might include talking with his or her secretary on the phone or constantly checking his or her email even after a dinner order has arrived.

2.) Once you have confirmed that your partner is a workaholic, you should then start doing things that would help you cope up with the situation. First, realize the advantages of going out with a workaholic. Don’t just focus on the negative side of the scenario. While your partner is busy with his or her work, take this as an opportunity to spend time with yourself. Do the things and hobbies that you can’t do when you’re with your partner. Relax and pamper yourself. Go shopping if that makes you happy.

3.) Be sympathetic towards your partner. If he or she is just starting one’s business or if he or she is just new at work, then your partner definitely needs all the support that they can get from you. Having a better understanding with regards to your partner’s profession can also help you become a better companion to someone who is a certified workaholic. Thus, talk about his or her tasks at work during one of your conversations. Get to know his or her drives and inspirations as a professional.

4.) The profession of your partner is very important to him or her. You must learn to accept that if you want to be with this type of person for a long period of time. He or she has certain passions and drives which you may not have so be an understanding partner as much as you can. We know that it can be very disappointing to have him or her break one’s promises, but try to look at things this way: There is a huge explosion at the workplace of your partner. Would you still expect him or her to be at your best friend’s wedding when he or she has a huge crisis that one has to deal with?

5.) Contrary to what is written in step 4, step 5 requires you to know when to draw the line. You have to determine when you've had enough of your partner’s missed appointments with you. Tell him or her about your frustrations and come up with a compromise as much as possible.

6.) After having that important conversation, it’s time for you to set a few ground rules. However, your partner must agree to these rules as well. These rules can help you keep the foundation of your relationship. They would also stop you from expecting too much from your partner and keep yourself from getting hurt over and over again. As mentioned earlier, compromise is the only thing that can help you stay with a workaholic for as long as you want to. Just don’t give up on your partner that easily.

7.) If your partner refuses to reach a compromise after your conversation, then it may be time for you to let go of the relationship. Know that you have done everything you can to make it work between the two of you and it’s not your fault as to why you have to end things this way. It’s not that you didn’t have enough patience. Believe that you most probably deserve someone better. Someone who would be willing to give up time in order to spend time with you.

8.) If step no. 7 describes your situation, then you are recommended not to date a workaholic ever again. You should have learned your lesson by now and no matter what you do, the fact remains that you are not compatible with someone who values his or her profession more than you. We are not implying that you should hate everyone who is a workaholic. You should just avoid dating one to keep you from future heartaches. Be a wiser individual now and learn from your past experiences.



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