How to Stop Getting So Annoyed With People

Steps to take to avoid getting annoyed with other people.
by Updated November 21, 2012

In this life, you can’t help but get annoyed with some individuals. At times, you might even get annoyed for the smallest reasons. You have that feeling towards those people maybe because they have either insulted or rejected you. Your annoyance might also be triggered by stress or lack of energy.

Regardless of the cause of your emotion, below are the things that you can do for you to contain your anger and avoid hurting the feelings of other people. Always remember that temporary emotions should never lead you to destroy permanent relationships.

1.) Accept the situation as it is for you not to vent all your anger on the source of your annoyance. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to have your co worker removed from his or her job. Thus, you can only know the reason as to why you are annoyed with that person and do the following steps for you to be able to “simmer down”:

Don’t look at the person annoying you. It won’t make you attain the peace of mind that you want. Allow other things to distract you for you to realize that hurting him or her won’t be worth your reputation at all. Call your boyfriend or your girlfriend during break time or play your favorite game just to let your mind wander temporarily.

Take deep breaths and recall the happiest memory of your life. Go back to the time when you were still young. A person’s most memorable experiences usually occur during that period. Let positive thoughts calm you down and you would be just fine. This too shall pass and karma can hunt down that backstabber for you.

2.) Have a conversation with the source of your annoyance. However, do this when you already have a grip on your emotions. Ask the person to stop annoying you but if he or she refuses to do so, then simply take a break and walk out of the room temporarily. Just be polite yet firm on your statement. If all else fails, then put some cotton on your ears instead.

3.) Avoid having a huge confrontation with the source of your annoyance. Maintain a poker face and don’t glare at him or her as much as possible. Promote world peace and don’t get yourself involved in an actual wrestle or cat fight. Just try to find humor in this episode in your life for you to have a clearer mind.

4.) Try to be more understanding and patient with other people. Also, don’t think of yourself as more superior compared to others and don’t shut your world to individuals who might change your perspective. You are annoyed with a lot of people maybe because you judge them for how they look or for how they perform at work. Try not to be judgmental at all for you to start leading a peaceful life.

5.) You can actually acquire all the traits mentioned in step no.4 if you temporarily change your lifestyle. Try to go to places you’ve never been to and meet people whose culture is different from yours. By doing so, you would finally learn to respect the individuality of another person and be less annoyed with his or her attitude or mannerism. As you can see, you don’t have to be necessarily annoyed with someone if you start finding what’s good in that person in the first place.

6.) You can never modify another person’s personality especially when you’re plain jealous of that individual. Stop seeing everyone around you as your competitors or enemies for you to start gaining friends and live a more fulfilling life.

7.) Learn to stand up for what you think is right. Annoying people continue to bother the people around them because of two reasons. First, nobody has ever told them that they are already becoming a source of annoyance at school or in the work place. Second, if someone has already informed them, then that person wasn’t so firm on his or her statement. Thus, don’t; be a coward. Speak the truth and who knows? Your co workers might have just been waiting for you to do just that.

8.) Lead the source of your annoyance to a better life. You can never change the personality of this person. Thus, the least you can do is to be compassionate towards him or her. If this individual wants to explain his or her behavior, then be willing to listen attentively. This person might be experiencing some major personal issues and you might do something to help resolve them one by one.

9.) Watch the person from afar. You don’t have to stalk your source of annoyance around. Just observe how he or she is relating with others. Is that person friendly towards other people except you? If that’s the case, then know the reason for his or her attitude. It might be due to your social status or religion. If that is so, then politely confront the person for you definitely have the right not to be judged by your beliefs and place in the society.

10.) A person can get increasingly annoying due to some mental illness or social issues. Thus, once you notice that your source of annoyance doesn’t have the capacity to stop bothering other people, then it’s time for you to stay away from that person. There’s so much that you can for that individual but if he or she starts to acts dangerously, then that person definitely needs to seek the help of a medical professional already.

11.) Physical pain can make you feel annoyed most of the time. Thus, if you feel something unusual that’s going on in your body, then it would be better for you to have a full medical check up for early diagnosis. If you are suffering from depression, then talk to a therapist to make things easier for you to handle. Try to meditate as well. Sometimes, a sound mind can help cure an ill body.



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