How to Add a Line Break to a Tooltip

by Updated June 1, 2018

It's possible to add line breaks to a HTML ToolTip tag.  To add the line break simply use either the 
 entity or in some cases the \n escaped newline character will work.

In a regular HTML page the ToolTip title tag would look like the following when creating a line break:


title="First: We will break the line here 
 Second: then continue on this line."



In ASP.NET, the tooltip line break uses \n and would look like this:


ToolTip="First: We will break the line here \n Second: then continue on this line."



I have only tested this in Internet Explorer 7, so you will want to test this out in Firefox and Safari as well. To test Hover Over This.

Keep in mind there may be a limit to the number of characters you can have in a Tooltip.





anonymous by Amy on 7/22/2008
Doesn't work in my Firefox 3. The entire tooltip shows up on one line.
anonymous by Doğan on 1/9/2009
Line Breaks in flex...
In flex ide, you can do this with toolTip="Hello
World". But you must use code editor. If you do this with Flex Properties panel, flex converts & char to &amp naturally for xml compability. Use code editor :)
anonymous by Jordi Camps on 4/22/2009
Well, I didn't manage to get the \n working. The 
 separator did work, as proposed by Dogan (from ASP.NET in my case).

But the above only works in IE... it looks like it's impossible to add line breaks in standard tootips in Firefox. The good thing about the 
 solution is that it is transparent in Firefox (no line break but, at least, no other strange chars!)
anonymous by Enrique on 4/27/2010
Thanks. That really helped.

 worked in Google Chrome
anonymous by buddy on 6/8/2011
\r\n also works on chrome (didnt even test \n alone)
anonymous by Charlie on 6/17/2011
Thanks Buddy

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