How to Search Page Text using Find on this Page in IE9

How can you search for words on a webpage that your on using Internet Explorer 9?

To find text on a web page in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you can use the "Find" search bar, which is built into IE9.

In IE9, the "Find on this page" function is now in the Tools menu.  To quickly open up the "Find" search bar, use the Find keyboard shortcut, by pressing Ctrl + F.  You can then type your search in the Find search box.

Another way to get the Find search bar open, is by pressing Alt + X or by clicking on the "cog" icon in the top right corner of the IE9 browser window. Then select File -> Find on this page.

The Find bar allows you to highlight words on the page, and also gives you the option to "Match whole word only" or "Match case".




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anonymous by Danny on 4/16/2012
Do you know how to limit the search to a specific frame on the page, like in IE7?

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