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What's the Difference between "Love" and "Being in Love"?

What Makes “Being in Love” Different From Love Alone?

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Loving somebody is totally different from being in love with that person. There’s a thick lines which separates these two situations. Thus, read further below for you to know what you really feel towards someone.

The Things Which Differentiates “Being in Love” From Simply “Loving Someone”

• Being in love requires you to fall in love in the point of no return.
• It is a state which results to increased production of hormones and neuron chemicals inside your body which makes you less aware of the things around you and sometimes leads you to make poorer decisions in life.
• It’s an emotion that grows stronger through time.
• Being in love is being deeply and emotionally involved with someone making you feel like your life would be empty and useless without them.
• It can make you totally depend on another person.
• It is a state which can usually be seen between married or even unmarried couples.
• It entails romantic and passionate feelings which are certainly deep emotions.
• It can sometimes make you crazy.
• When ‘in love’ fades, “love” is the emotion that remains.

What Does “Loving Someone” Means?

• You are completely in control when you love someone.
• It’s something that you can balance together with the other aspects of your life.
• It is a lighter situation compared to being in love.
• It’s an emotion that a mother is expected to have with her new born child.
• It builds an important connection between two people which can last a lifetime.
• It brings out the “protective” side of you simply because that person is important to you.
• Love is an emotion that you can direct even to a non living object such as your shoes or favorite sport.

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