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What Makes Obsession Different From Love?

What is the difference between Obsession and Love?

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It is important for all of us to know the difference between love and obsession. This is to prevent us from suffocating our partners and from becoming a totally different person. Here are the things which make the two emotions different from each other.

What is Love?

• It is an emotion that makes you look for the best interest of another person.
• It is something that makes you happy most of the time.
• It is about total freedom. It has no boundaries and limits.
• It is constantly pure and it promotes greater understanding among people.
• When you love somebody, you learn to fully trust that person.
• Loving someone means giving importance to his or her happiness and needs more than your own.
• Someone who loves is able to give, support and care
• Love is a feeling that is directed to another individual and it is something that we can’t control.
• It is what the heart figuratively feels.

What is Obsession?

• It is an emotion that makes you claim another person as your own preventing him or her from living a normal life.
• It can make the other person feel suffocated with your presence.
• It imposes a lot of limits to the person that you are obsessed with.
• If you have this obsession with another individual, then you would have the tendency to require him or her of one’s whereabouts.
• Obsession can turn you into someone who is full of jealousy.
• It is about being self centered.
• It can make you look pathetic.
• When obsession gets inside a relationship, trust dies a little more each day between the couple.
• People who experience this condition are not affectionate at all.
• It is a word that describes a crazy emotion.

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