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Define the difference between Like and Love?

Defining Like vs. Love?

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Being in love and liking a person are two separate and very different feelings or occasions. Usually, love starts with a simple like before it ends up in a serious love relationship. Like and love are often misconstrued in meanings especially to new lovers who have just started the spark of their relationship. Defining the exact meanings would deeply help people determine what they have truly felt towards a person or an object.

Like is obviously the more shallow feeling that is often felt with glee among younger adults towards the opposite sex or to any other object for that matter. Like is something that is felt easily without investing much time and effort. A relationship based on the ideas of like would often end easily because the basis of the relationship is shallow. Couple would bicker on small issues and break ups would easily occur if the only basis is not deeper than like. Like is easily felt and immediately lost.

Love is the deeper version of like. When referring it to relationships, like often started before love. This means that like is what a person feels at first sight while love is developed over time. Love is a feeling that is deep and cannot be taken easily away. A person who loves another person would often go beyond imperfections. Love is an emotional investment as well as an investment of time. This makes love extra special compared to like.

Understanding love and like especially in relationships entails a lot of self reflection. Oftentimes people would say that they have fallen in love at first sight when it is like that they have felt. We have to remember that like is more of a physical attraction and the fun of being with a person while love is somewhat a different realm to conquer. It goes beyond the feeling of the first time because a lot of time would be needed to make a person really say that he or she is inlove.

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