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What's the difference between being Passionate and being in Love?

Is there any differences between Being Passionate and Being in Love?

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Love and passion are often mistaken as the same especially among young people who are in the first few stages in their relationship wherein they feel that they are completely “in love.” Little do they know that what they have felt at first is passion and not love. These two are very different from each other

What is Passion?
Passion is a state of being that is often felt temporarily by a person. It is like the feeling of ecstasy or euphoria that people would often think it would last forever. Unfortunately, passion lasts only for a short time. Oftentimes, passion is mistaken as love especially among couples who see their partners as someone who is perfect. They feel like that person is the only thing that matters and they would give everything for that person. Passion is actually good because it gives excitement to the relationship but when it fades away after a couple of weeks or months that is the time when the person can say if he or she is truly in love. Passion is actually good but not all the time.

What is Love?
Love is actually hard to define and harder to determine. When we say love, it is a state of living rather than a state of being. This makes it last longer and probably forever. Love involves understanding the differences, communicating, and knowing that both of you would often find solutions to resolve any misunderstandings. Being in love entails a great sacrifice and although it feels good, there are times that being in love can be painful. Unlike passion wherein you just feel complete happiness, love allows you to realize the importance of the person and this can either give you joy or sadness. Love entails sharing principles, being honest, and working together to keep the relationship going. Actually, love needs passion to add spice to the relationship but not all the time. Passion can be easily felt while love is quite a feat to achieve.

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