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What the differences between Love and Liking someone?

In Love? or Just Like?

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Love and like are often misconstrued by people. Most would think that they love a person when in fact they only just like the person because of his or her qualities. This is often true especially among people who have just entered into a relationship.

Take for example of couples who have just started dated. They are often drawn to each other’s physical and emotional characteristics but it doesn’t mean that they already love each other. At first, they would like each other and like their company but love entails a deeper meaning than just being together. Being nervous or having butterflies in the stomach means like, and not love.

Love is not a simple word or gesture. It entails a commitment and a feeling that is very deep that like cannot surpass. It does not necessarily represent only couples but mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters as well. Love would mean more than just being with the person. Unfortunately, some people would equate like to love and this can draw confusion to people who are in a relationship. This is because love would mean commitment and sacrifice that would often lead to marriage. Like on the other hand is just a shallow emotion that is probably based on the person’s characteristics that would make him or her adorable.

Like tends to fade away overtime and may look for other persons to “like.” Love however is unconditional. It does not demand for love back, but rather, love stays and endure. It is often the feeling of deep emotion that cannot be easily ruined. Like, on the other hand, can easily fade with just small imperfection.

Love means the happiness of the person you love while like is more on the self-happiness. While love is a strong emotion, like is just a tender emotion that can easily spark within as well as die with the feeling.

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